30-day money back guarantee

We are accepted to return or exchange with 30days if customers change their minds after receiving the goods, except for the “Non-refundable or exchangeable items”,

Guests need to pay for the return or replacement insurance costs.

We will charge 0.3% of the sold price of every return item for handling fee.

For items that require refund or exchange, please submit to us after receiving the goods within 7 days. After we understand the reason, we will provide an authorized return number (RGN #) by email. The item must maintain the original purchase status, product documentation, please send it back to us within 30 days, and e-mail us the RGN number and tracking number after the goods are sent out.

The item must be kept in the original purchase state, including all product documents and packaging, and sent to us within 30 days to be eligible for return.

Return procedure

When we receive the returned goods, we will inform the customer that the goods have been returned within 24 hours, and then we need to process inspect return item, will be notified to the customer of the result within 10 working days. If the items be passed inspection, after less relevant bank handling fee and return handling fee, the balance will be returned to the original payment bank account or PayPal Credit Card account. Please note that the first shipment fee cannot be returned.

Notification e-mail to customer after returning the payment, please understand that the general bank credit card needs 10 working days to process.

Non-refundable or exchangeable items;

Diamond or gemstone goods with an international gemological institute certificate.

Custom-made and ordered gemstones for our customers

Engraved jewelry items

Items that cannot be adjusted in size

Items that cannot be returned / replaced are stated on the invoice

Promotion sale are not eligible for return or exchange.

The product was artificially damaged, and the product did not immediately reflect to us that the product was damaged after receipt, which does not meet our original shipping status, such as a refund or exchange.

Shipping fees are non-refundable.

Please contact us before sending out the returned goods. The returned goods without the ugems-online returned goods authorization number (RGN#) will be rejected upon receipt. Return of lost documents or products will not be processed.

You can use the shipping company of your choice to return your merchandise. We recommend that you ship returns through FedEx or UPS carriers. Please make sure that you insure the value of the jewelry. You are responsible for paying all return shipping and insurance fees. If there are problems in arranging delivery and insurance, please contact us for assistance.

Exchange procedures;

If the goods meet the exchange conditions, after the return confirmation can be select again from our goods, which value is higher than the value of the original goods exchanged goods, less than the original amount cannot be returned the difference, and need to pay the replacement shipping fee. The return fee can be exempted

.Problematic goods- damaged or missing

If the package or merchandise shipped to you is damaged or has been opened when arrived, please refuse to sign. You can take photos and leave records, notify us immediately. If after opening the package, it is found that the goods have been damaged or broken, please take photo immediately to keep a record, contact us as soon as possible, we will contact the shipping company immediately.

Please keep all packaging materials. Claims for damage or loss of goods must be reported immediately or within 24 hours of receipt of your order

Item does not match the website description

Natural diamonds and gemstones must contain natural inclusions and internal and external textures, especially emeralds. Our website has tried to provide clear material information, photos and videos for customers to understand the goods before buying. Colored gems on our website the photo, or the colorful treasure photo on the exclusive customized quote, are the real photo of the colored gemstones displayed above. Because the incident angle of light is different, or the conditions of natural light when taking pictures are different, or the artificial light source used when taking pictures is different, the color displayed by the gemstone may have chromatic aberration. At the same time, the colors we use, as well as the display and color functions of the computer monitor, affect the colors you actually see on the screen. There is no guarantee that the display of any product color, texture or detail on the monitor is accurate.

The customer please understands these data will be that different to the actual object. If there is a significant difference between the descriptions, please contact us, we will try to explain and provide assistance to the customer. If the customer requests to issue a Gemological Institute certificate, the delivery date and the price of the certificate will be separately negotiated and quoted. All the natural diamonds and gemstones sold on this website that have an international rating certificate are based on certificate described.